PrDOS is a server to predict natively disordered regions of a protein chain from its amino acid sequence. PrDOS returns disorder probability of each residue as prediction results.


Input protein amino acid sequences in plain text or FASTA format. The server accepts single-letter standard amino acid codes and the code 'X' for non-standard amino acids. The codes for ambiguous amino acids and paticular non-standard amino acids are automatically replaced by 'X'. If you want to obtain prediction results by e-mail, check "Recieve prediction results by e-mail" and input your e-mail address.
The server can accept a Multiple FASTA formatted input. However, the number of sequences in the multiple FASTA formatted input is limited to 50, due to the limitation of the computational resources. If you want to predict for a large scale dataset, please .

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Ishida, T and Kinoshita, K, PrDOS: prediction of disordered protein regions from amino acid sequence., Nucleic Acids Res, 35, Web Server issue, 2007